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November 01, 2007


paula luckhurst

Indeed a golden age.
Why is fashion so ugly now?

paula luckhurst

Indeed a golden age.
Why is fashion so ugly now?


Hi Cherry,
As a costume maker in my previous life, these clothes interest me particularly from a cut point of view. They are just perfection! .. must try and get up to town to see this one.. and the Millais exhibition too at the Tate Britain. Thank you for bringing this one to my attention.. now all i've to do is'escape' for the day on my own!


That was a glamorous era. All the period dramas on T.V. put women to shame today but I have to say that jeans and sweaters are so much more comfortable for me than the dreaded tights (or pantie hose.) I hate the way they feel. And I have to say I just have to keep warm and those beautiful clothes are for the young who don't feel the cold. I never felt the cold when I was young. My grandmother had a saying. Pride feels no pain.I used to go out in next to nothing on winter evenings now I shudder at the thought. But go for it Cherry while you can.


I agree - so lovely and so elegant. Why is it the shops are filled with what I can only describe as 'maternity frocks' nowadays?!


I agree with you about Nigella.. she is just lovely and I love how she dresses.

I love the dresses of the 30's, 40's and 50's so much. They are just beautiful and I need to purchase a few things like that here and there, but I would also love to have something to wear that looks half way nice as I work here everyday, just to look nice for myself and my sweetie as well as he often works from home. But, since I paint, I mostly wear.. well lets just say that the show, What Not To Wear... would have a field day with me.


Wow~~what I wouldn't do to be able to see this exhibit!! I, too, love the clothing from those eras and wish we could see a Revival of Well Dressed!

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That is absolutely wonderful. It's in the air..)

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