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November 19, 2007



Kate is a one of a kind. So many "stars" look, sound and behave like one another these days - ooooh, so scared to be very different. Not her!
I was older than 3 when she hit her popularity - teenager. I would whirl around singing wuthering Heights looking all "tragic" . If I did that today - I would really look "tragic" ! !!LOL


Kate!! Yay!! I'm a complete Kate tragic and own all her albums. She's astounding, with her beautiful wild woman energy and vision. She's an absolute original...I won't go on...but I am so thrilled you have paid homage to her here!


I'm a huge Kate Bush fan too. So many people are afraid to be themselves, afraid to be different. Not Kate! She is an inspiration to all strong women who know who they are!


My eldest daughter was also brought up on Kate Bush. She was The Original. Dancing and singing with that little microphone long before Madonna. And oh those songs and costumes! What originality! She was voted Britains best female vocalist by NME back in the seventies year after year after year.I wish she would make a comeback or do you think that would spoil it?


Moments of Pleasure is SUCH a beautiful song. Kate manages to be ethereal and mysterious and a real down to earth woman's woman all at the same time. She is probably the only truly inspirational female musician out there IMHO, she is strong, opinionated, wild and creative but it's all wrapped up in an incredibly feminine package.



im a huge Kate Bush fan too!
her music brings back so much emotion and memories for me...love it! such a wonderful artist and she's so stunning isnt she?

paula luckhurst

"Wuthering Heights was released when I was three "
Ah! I was in High School!


Wow ! You said so ! I loved her work all my life, and of course one of my favorite romantic novel AND song is : Wuthering Heights.
Of course I should have guessed that you too were a fan !


Women's Work song is so enchanting. I've always loved it and thought it describes the act of becoming a mother quite perfectly.

 	technical writer

I wish I could be her!

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